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1. Name ? Where you from ?

My name is Kandace (@kandulcee) and I’m from Ladera Heights, Los Angeles, CA.

2. How has LA shaped who you are?

LA has taught me to stay true to myself and that you can really have it all. And with my taste buds lol especially for Mexican food because a lot of cities love to act like they got better Mexican food as well as Mexico like no you’re missing some seasoning and all type of shit. [laughs].

3. What’s the most LA thing about you?

My accent and verbiage.

4. Have you ever lived anywhere else?

Yes, I’ve lived in Arizona when I went to college because I went to ASU and I lived in Las Vegas.

5. Would you leave again and why?

Yes, I’d definitely would leave again. I love LA but I feel like when I travel it allows me to appreciate where I’m from more. I love experiencing and seeing the different work ethics in different cities and countries, the different foods so yeah. I love experiencing different cultures outside of just race just seeing the different city culture is intriguing to me.

6. What is your biggest life accomplishment?

My biggest life accomplishment is facing myself accepting where I went wrong, what I want, and doing everything I can to change my reality and trusting God in the process.

7. What new goals are you setting?

The new goals I have in life are to stop thinking it and just do it and that’s with anything that I want to do anything in the future that I want to accomplish is something I just want to put to life you know like literally apply and take action I no longer want to dream anymore scroll anymore compare and complain anymore, I just want to be her.

8. How does it feel in this new space betting on yourself?

It’s surprisingly feels peaceful I mean it was definitely hard to take the leap and want to you know push forward and not think about how this or that will get paid but taking that chance to get where I wanna be and find my happiness is exciting and peaceful.

9. Tell us how you feel about self love? Do you practice it?

Self-love was very hard for me because we live in a world that doesn’t really show us how to love ourselves especially being a black woman. So I found myself going through so many scenarios where I’ve given myself to a person whether that’s a relationship or friendship and I’m still unhappy throughout the process. I don’t practice self love as much as I’d like to but I will say that once I went through the phases that I went through from experimenting with different looks, different jobs, different states, different circles of friends and I still wasn’t happy, I had no other choice but to face myself. Once you accept that reality you then choose to start to figure out what you like what you don’t like. You get tired of being unhappy at some point and no matter what scenario you put yourself in that unhappiness never changing so yes self-love is very very important it’s the core of who you really are your whole journey your whole well-being.

10. What’s your biggest fear in life?

My biggest fear in life is doing nothing. I definitely want to be a legacy and a testimony for people so I would hate to look over my life and realize that I didn’t participate in it which is hard because my Aquarius ass loves to shade off from time to time and just go off the grid but you know sometimes you gotta keep some good friends around you that help you realize that the memories are what matters and being present is what matters.

11. Tell us 3 things about you that we don’t know.

- I love talking about astrology / zodiac signs.

⁃ I hated eggs growing up now I can tolerate a lil egg and cheese scramble.

⁃ My favorite shows are Sex and the City and King of the Hill lol.

12. Are you single ready to mingle ? Or taken and not playin?

I’d like to be taken but he playing lol so I’m single.

13. Tell us what we can expect from you in the future.

A new me, new looks, new content, you’ll just have to wait and see lol.

14. What's your favorite eyelash style to wear?

I love a D Curl cat eye vibe.

15. What do you like about eyelash extensions?

It took me a while to actually adapt to getting into lashes I love my natural lashes I love a fresh face natural everything so it took me a while to except lashes which had a lot to do with me finding the exact curl that fit me and the D curl gives me that, a real girly Betty Boop vibe and I like that. I don’t really have a girly personality so I like my beauty to bring that feminine sexiness to the table. Like yeah I’m the homie but I’m bad af. [laughs].

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1 Comment

Nov 30, 2022

this interview represents so much growth and vulnerability. loved doing this write up

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